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David Chiapaikeo, MD, RPVI

David Chiapaikeo, MD, RPVI

I'm a New Jersey native, with an openness and curiosity to experiencing other parts of the country and world. I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Southern California and went to medical school at St. George's University. I then returned to NJ to complete my general surgery residency training at Monmouth Medical Center.

During my training at Monmouth, I met my role models and mentors who were traditionally trained general surgeons and also practiced vascular surgery. Their encouragement and support coupled with my desire to treat complex disease in challenging patients led me to pursue a vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Arizona. After completion of fellowship, I was once again looking to explore the country and found a home in Las Vegas and an exciting opportunity with a great group of physicians to practice with in Las Vegas Surgical Associates.

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"I would certainly recommend Las Vegas Surgical Associates and have spoken highly of their services services to friends. The results of their procedure to correct my varicose veins have been excellent!"
- Janet B.
“Aside from her surgical expertise, Dr. O'Neill was kind and compassionate. She has my highest recommendation!"
- Beatrice P.
"You have done wonders with veins in both legs. I am so pleased with the results. Besides being so professional, the staff are especially nice people. I would highly recommend Las Vegas Surgical Associates!
- Brett A.
I found Dr. Luh and his staff to be very caring and professional. I would highly recommend EVLT to my family and friends. I had zero pain or discomfort!
- Lilly B.
"I cannot thank Dr. Patel enough. I want you to know you have given my life back to me. You are a wonderful surgeon and person."
- Laurie G.
"Dr. Caravella and his medical team bring exquisite knowledge, experience, and care."
- Leslie Ann I.